Our Mission

We, the community of the greater Richmond area, will encourage broad & persistent civic engagement in local, state, & national government to secure the rights of all people. 

We are focused on creating engaged citizens who are civically active in their communities. 


  • Target individual Members of Congress (MoC) through local organizing.
  • Stop groups from implementing an agenda built on racism, authoritarianism, and corruption.
  • Partner with groups supporting marginalized people and at risk-groups.
  • Work publicly in the Richmond communities to spread messages of inclusion to increase political pressure. 
  • Fighting racism, authoritarianism, and corruption is non-partisan, so are we.

Our Team

Executive Leadership Group

Emily Jasper - Strategy, Elections

Kasey Kelly-Landrum - Membership

Doug Broome - Technology


Board Members

Communications - Brandon Jarvis

Diversity & Inclusion - Kenya Lee

Elections & Campaigns - Melissa Dart

Marketing - Quentin Penn-Hollar

Membership Engagement - Monica Hutchinson

Virginia Legislation - Liz Pettit


Advisory Team

Tamer Mokhtar, Kirsten O'Nell, Dana Lloyd, Jennifer Rose, Laurelyn Collins